At FPC AUSTRALIA Pty Ltd, we require all clients to forward their annual taxation work to our office as indicated below.


First-year taxation work (include entity with no transactions) 31st October.

All existing entities 31st October.


Must be delivered at our office on or before 31st October

For example, if you have set up a family trust structure on 1 March 2010 then it will be the first year taxation return.  The client needs to forward the family trust work to our office before 31 October 2010.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For completion of the annual taxation financial reports we require our clients to provide all source documentation and bank statements to our office BEFORE 31 OCTOBER each financial year, NO EXCEPTIONS.  We will not responsible for any late fees or general interest charges or any delays if your work is received after this date and we cannot guarantee your taxation work will be completed by the due date(s). 


When we send your completed annual taxation to you?

Our normal turnaround time is between 6 weeks to 13 weeks.  Sometimes, due to the volume or complex nature of the taxation work; it may take a longer turnaround time.   In these circumstances, we ask our clients to be cooperative and patient with our team, so that we can ensure your taxation work is completed as soon as possible.


Service fees for taxation work will depend on the quantity and the complexity of work completed. 

Further, with year-end financial reports and tax returns - we prefer the clients to keep all source documents and bank statements in order before contacting or emailing us or sending the information to our office.  Once we have received your data then we will review it and provide you with a written quotation. 

Number of Fund Investments                                                        Minimum Total Fee                                                             Maximum Total Fee

                                                                                                           (Accounting Fee)                                                                (Accounting Fee)

Prepare & lodge Installment Activity Statement (IAS)                       $150 plus GST=$165                                                          TBA

Prepare & lodge Business Activity Statement (BAS)                         $200 plus GST=$220                                                          $4,000 plus GST=$4,400

Prepare individual Tax Return                                                           $100 plus GST=$110                                                           TBA

Prepare Financial Reports & Tax Return (also see Note 1)              $1,700 plus GST=$1,870                                                     TBA

Taxation advice                                                                                 $300 plus GST=$330                                                           TBA